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Al Shahi International is proud to be a distributor of Orbit Satellite Television Service.  Orbit Communications Company is the world’s first fully digital, multi-channel, multi-lingual, pay television service broadcasting to the Middle East and North Africa.  With highly advance digital technology able to support hundreds o television channels and music radio stations, Orbit’s premium package of television and radio services offers a distinctive variety of choices for even the most demanding television viewers and radio listeners.

Orbit offers five packages to meet every ones viewing pleasure, they are:

Super Mega – All Orbit Arabic and Western TV and Radio Channels.
Super Prime – Includes only Orbits’ Western channels, Orbit ESPN, Al Riyadiyah and Music Now.
ALFA – Includes all Orbits’ Arabic channels, CNN and Music Now.
Kids – Includes the best in kids entertainment and documentary channels: Disney Channel, Toon Disney, Playhouse Disney, Fun Channel, Cartoon network, Boomerang, Space Toon, The History Channel, Discovery Science, Animal Planet, Orit ESPN, NBA TV, JSC+1 and JSC+2. (available as a second subscription only)
PINOY Plus – The best in Filipino entertainment.  Channels: GMA Pinoy TV, PBO Pinoy Box Office, NBN Pinoy News, Carton Network, Disney, MGM, Discovery Science, Animal Planet, Fashion TV, Hollywood Star!, Music Now, Trace, CNNI, Orbit ESPN and NBA TV.

You can get more information by going to or you can sign up now at   You can get customer service at

Orbit leading the way


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